Glassware for bake oven

Glassware for bake oven

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We, girls, love everything beautiful. Moreover, our love for things of all kinds and interesting knickknacks also concerns the kitchenware.

What can be more beautiful in the kitchen than glassware for bake oven?

Glass casserole dish

Tired husband comes home in the evening and beautiful you wearing heels meet him at the door holding the glass casserole dish, where lies the amazing dinner. And the husband melts with love. Cool, huh?
But let’s figure out what the glass casserole dish is.

  • Glassware was preliminary meant for microwaves but it quite fast gained the affection of professional cooks and mistresses and moved to the bake oven.
  • Dishware glass is made heat-resistant. Set the temperature more than 300 C in the bake oven and don’t worry – it will withstand.
buying the glass casserole dish, pay attention to the special mark on it, which speaks for glass thermal stability
  • Its transparency allows to watch the process of cooking to slack the fire or to take the dish out of bake oven on time.
put the glass casserole dish in slightly heated bake oven.


  • Glassware is absolutely safe for your organism, because glass and groceries don’t cause chemical reaction. So cook in it even for the youngest family members without being afraid.
  • Glass casserole dish is durable. Considering the absence of scum and scale, you can easily wash it and if the contamination is strong, then just pour the water there and wait for it to soak off. You can even wash it using the abrasive particles, it won’t do harm.
take the glassware out of bake oven only with dry oven cloth or dish cloth.
  • Casserole dish with plain top and side sticks will become a real catch for you, because you can use the top as a shallow casserole dish.

Glass pot

Let’s not make a competition about the best material for the pot, let’s just talk about glass pot. After all, we estimate the dishes not by their ingredients, but by their final taste properties. Firstly, every kitchenware, regardless of what it’s made of, needs to solve two tasks – provide the necessary quality of food and the easiness of cooking.

while choosing the glass pot, pay attention to the absence of air bubbles in the glass and prefer the blue or turquois pot.

Glass pot has a range of specifics, which positively summarize it:

  • glass is safe for your health, so boldly and confidently cook in the glass pot.
  • we don’t worry that food will burn when we cook in the glass pot. That’s out of the question.
  • glass’s care won’t cause problems. You may wash the pot with sponge for dishes or put it in the section of dishwashing machine and drink tea.
  • dishes that are cooked in the glassware keep their heat for a long time. While your family members come home, wash their hands and change their clothes, you don’t need to fuss in the kitchen and heat the food, which was cooked half of hour ago. Serve hot dish right from the pot and watch the family playing a good knife and fork.
  • you can put the pot in the fridge if you preliminary cool it, it will withstand the small temperature drop. But the glass won’t withstand the big one, remember that.
  • when you open the fridge, there’s no need to open every pot to discover where’s the soup and where’s the compote. You will see everything that you need through the transparent glass right away.
  • glass ovenware is perfect for cooking the soups and compotes. Porridge and trimmings, which are cooked in such pot will be especially delicious.
cook the food in glassware on the gas burner only using the flame spreader.

The only con of this kitchenware – it can be broken if it falls. But we are careful mistresses, aren’t we?