Enamel ware – pros and cons, benefit and harm

Enamel ware – pros and cons, benefit and harm

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What the mistress goes by choosing the cookware? It should be easy-to-clean, safe for health, affordable and look good. Enamel ware perfectly fits this description.
What is it like? This is a leaf of metal that is covered by slim layer of enamel that is something like ceramics.
You can see this cookware almost in every house. However, the owners are conscious about possibility to use it without harming the health. Enamel ware – pros and cons, benefit and harm. This article will provide you with answers to all the questions.

Enamel ware’s advantages

Ware of enameling steel has a range of advantages. The main one is safety for your health. Enamel doesn’t react with food, doesn’t absorb the smell and there are no microbes on the surface. These properties allow to preserve the food for a long time.

Pay attention to the weight, when you buy a pot. Hold it in your hands, if it too light, then the thickness of metallic walls is 1 mm and this is not enough for durable exploitation.

Enamel ware’s advantages do not end here. It is universal and suitable for cooking any food. Furthemore, you can choose any shape and design.
You can also use it on gas stove, electric stove and in the bake oven. Besides, this ware is easy-to-clean and doesn’t require the purchase of special chemicals.
As you see, there are fair amount of pluses. When asked «what pot is better?» you can feel free to answer «the enamel one».

Enamel ware in the bake oven

The buyer wants to know how and under what conditions to use this pot. Including how does the enamel ware behave in the bake oven?
You can use these pots in the bake oven, but you need to follow certain rules. Enamel heavily withstands the rapid change of temperature. So if the bake oven is hot, you should put only warm ware in there. You may warm it up on the stove.
And if the bake oven is cold, then the pot should have corresponding temperature.
One more rule – don’t use these ware for dishes that need more than 250 digress to be cooked. It is also forbidden to use pots with shatters.

Enamel ware’s disadvantages

As it was previously said, this ware has disadvantages. After searching «steel ware harm» in the Internet and reading the information about it, many people refuse the purchase. But it is a mistake because metal doesn’t have contact with food. This is the reason why the enamel layer is made.

don’t be lazy and look carefully at the purchase. There must not be any swellings or roughness. The surface should be perfectly smooth.

Speaking of enamel ware’s disadvantages, there are a few ones. To be more specific, there is one and it is the external cover. Enamel is quite fragile and sensitive to the rapid change of temperature. You need to wean yourself off the habit to knocking on the rim of pot. And if you drop it, there will be the shatter.
If the enamel is shattered outside – this is half the trouble. You can use it further, but not in the bake oven. If the shatter is inside, you need to get rid of this ware. Otherwise, metal ions will get in the food, which will lead to the change of taste and quick spoilage of food.

How to clean the enamel pot

This ware’s care is quite simple. It withstands any detergent very well and is being easily cleaned due to the smooth surface. It can be washed not only by hands, but also by dishwashing machine.
However, there are some nuances. How to clean the enamel pot without harm? The main rule is not to use the metallic brushes and abrasive powders. You can easily ruin the cover. As a result, you will have to get rid of this ware.