Electronic or mercury thermometer

Electronic or mercury thermometer

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In case of the smallest problems with health, we use the thermometer. This medical device, which takes temperature, is in every house.

The choice of thermometers, which are being sold not only in the chemist’s shop, but also in the supermarkets, is so wide that you urgently need to slice and dice.

Mercury thermometer

All of us are used to the mercury thermometers since the childhood. Remember how mom used to put the cold glass stick with the strips in the armpit and asked to sit or lie still for about ten minutes.
We usually take our kids’ temperature the same way, by dint of mercury thermometer. Is it good or bad?

  • Stem in the glass tube of thermometer contains 2 g of mercury.
  • Stem doesn’t drop by itself when it gets the certain point of heat, you need to strongly shake the thermometer.
  • Only mercury thermometer guarantees the high accuracy of the temperature estimation.
  • Glass bulb with the mercury has the minimum error of the estimations – only one tenth of degree.
mercury thermometer’s disinfection is being carried out by dint of duster, which needs to be soak in alcohol solution or any other anti-microbic liquid.


  • No expiry date of such thermometer, because it won’t get out of order unless you break it
  • You can take temperature by mercury thermometer in various ways: orally, rectally and in the armpit.
you shouldn’t take little kids’ temperature by mercury thermometer, especially orally.
  • Disadvantages of the mercury thermometer are long-term estimation of temperature (up to ten minutes) and big possibility to break the glass and spill the poisonous filler in case of careless use.

Electronic thermometer

Main competitor of the mercury thermometer – electronic thermometer has been trying to supersede the mercury one for a long time, but it cannot replace it fully. Let’s find out why.

  • Special sensitive sensor, which is built into the device, takes temperature. Then we see the result on the display.
  • Result is being seen very easily.
  • There is no need to hold the electronic thermometer for a long time. It’s enough to hold the thermometer for about a minute and three minutes if you hold it in your armpit and that’s it.
  • There are shock-proof and waterproof models of the electronic thermometer.
  • There are additional functions besides the main one, which significantly ease the procedure of taking the temperature. For example, sound sensor, which informs you about the readiness of the result. Display with highlighting will be nice, when you take your kid’s temperature in the night and you don’t need to turn the lights on to see the result. Also the modern thermometer remembers the last estimation.
choosing the thermometer for kids, choose the electronic one, because it’s maximally safe.


  • Thermometers for kids can be in various shapes and colors. Their heads are flexible and low-trauma.
  • Cons of this device are: compliance with regularities (which we naturally don’t like). Electronic thermometer’s error is bigger than mercury thermometers’ one. Disinfection and washing of the thermometer are forbidden in most cases. So ask the pharmacist (it’s better to buy the thermometer in the chemist’s shop) whether this thermometer can be washed or not. And of course watch the batteries. There will be the moment, when they will need to be changed.

Now decide what thermometer to choose: safe electronic one or accurate mercury one.