How to wash the coffee stain away

How to wash the coffee stain away

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Nothing can cheer you up in the morning better than a cup of fragrant coffee. Nevertheless, literally one drop of eye opener, which got onto the clothing, can ruin your mood for the whole day. And the coffee stain on the cloth surface of furniture in your house makes you spend money on reupholstery.

Don’t rush to take the dirty clothing to the dry cleaner’s and spend money on the washing the stain away.

How to wash the coffee stain away at home

You not only can get rid of the coffee stain at home, but also should. Even the steady pigment of coffee doesn’t complicate the clothes’ cleaning of the coffee stains, methods to do so are verified through years.

there are tanning materials in the coffee, so start washing the coffee stains away as soon as possible.

Soak the coffee on the clothing by clean paper or cloth towel straight away preventing its absorption and expansion. Try to wash the stain by water. If you have only water in bottles, then use it, it’s important for it not to be colorful. Pour any detergent that can lower the surface activity (try the detergent on the backside of cloth before using it). If you don’t have any detergent, then pour the ordinary salt on the coffee stain. You will reduce the stain and lower the intensity of cloth painting due to these steps.

Let’s start washing the stain away. Choose the appropriate method:

  1. Hot soap for flax cloths. Wash the clothes with coffee contaminations in the soap solution and then pour the boiled water on the stain. Boiled water jet has to be small. Pour until the stain fully dissolves.
  2. Sodium chloric with glycerin. Make the solution of these components and spread it on the coffee stain for a few minutes. After the stain is dissolved, wash the clothing by the laundry detergent.
  3. Sal-ammoniac and water. Pour 1 tablespoon of sal-ammoniac in 200 g of water. Soak the cotton pad in it and lavishly drench the coffee stain. Wash the product after this processing.
don’t rub the processed dirty place, when you get rid of the coffee stains on the furniture, you better soak the dry sponge or wipe there.

Coffee stains on the white cause the special trouble. Leave the clothes in the cold solution of water and soap for a few hours before washing the contaminations away. Rinse and soak the stain by bleacher or chlorine solution. Rinse again in the water with a few drops of sal-ammoniac.

start to treat the stain starting with edges and gradually heading to the middle.

How to wash the old coffee stain away

Old and dried coffee stains are being removed by hydrogen peroxide. Preliminary make a test how this remedy influences on the cloth. Wash old coffee stain away of the white by mixing the hydrogen peroxide and sal-ammoniac.

Hot solution of cooking soda and salt will remove very big and dense coffee stain. Rinse in the cold water and wash as always.

Now the coffee drop won’t ruin your mood. Because there are ways of removing the stains of your favorite drink now.

Pleasant coffee drinking!