How to clean the tile in the bathroom

How to clean the tile in the bathroom

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Traditional molding for the bathroom is glazed tile. Beauty, functionality and the most important thing – durability of tile aren’t quarreled by us. However, as everything else in the house, the tile requires caring attitude. Otherwise, there will be no beauty and shine. Tile’s care is a regular procedure.

How to clean the tile in the bathroom of the scale

You need the warm soapy solution or any other remedy without aggressive acid and abrasive matters, vinegar or sal-ammoniac, rubber gloves, soft sponge, old toothbrush, microfiber napkin to clean the tile in bathroom.

This procedure won’t take long if you follow these rules:

  • Wash the glazed tile with the warm soapy solution. Wash it starting with the bottom;
  • Rub the tile by sponge, which is preliminary soaked in the sal-ammoniac or vinegar;
  • Dry the tile starting with the top.

Done. Half of hour per week that is dedicated to the tile in bathroom is enough for tile not to fade and for the look of room to provide the esthetic pleasure.

How to clean the tile in the bathroom of lime scale

Lime scale in bathroom appears due to the magnesium and calcium salts, which are present in the hard water. Lime scale leads to the bathroom’s loss of look. Tile stops shining and it fades. You can buy remedies to clean the tile of the lime scale in any shop, but you also can use old verified methods. Result of cleaning the tile with domestic remedies is the same as of cleaning it with chemicals, so there’s no reason to pay more.


  • Go to the kitchen, open the drawer with spices and take the vinegar bottle out of there. Bottle with ordinary 6% table vinegar.
  • Pour the vinegar in the spray for more comfortable use.
  • Spray the vinegar on the glazed tile and don’t forget about the tile gaps.
rub the tile gaps by old toothbrush after the vinegar diffusion to fully remove the lime scale.
  • Wait. Acid will affect the lime scale in 3-5 minutes.
  • Take the soft brush or elastic sponge and remove the wet scale.
  • Wash the tile by clean water.
  • Dry by the napkin, preferably of microfiber. This fabric will fully absorb the moisture and won’t leave the stains.

Vinegar not only removes the lime scale, but also gets rid of bad smell in bathroom during the process of cleaning the tile this way.

How to clean the tile in the bathroom of soapy scale

What is the soapy scale? None of us soaps the tile in bathroom. Then why the tile looks like someone rubbed it by soapy solution? When we take bath or shower, we use soap or gel, use shampoos and balsams. All these remedies fume and precipitate on the walls of bathroom as invisible slim soapy layer when they are being mixed with hot water. Layers superimpose on one another and after quite some time we see the tile becoming matte, it stops shining and turns grey.

Regularity of cleaning the tile of bathroom allows to remove the soapy scale with no trouble and if you don’t wash the tile for a while, then the cleaning will be harder.

Let’s consider the options of soapy scale’s removal:

  • Synthetic detergent. Yes, synthetic chemicals perfectly fight the tile. Take the small bucket, pour the warm water there and dissolve the liquid detergent (one glass) in it. Spread it by dint of sponge on the tile and wait for half of hour. Remove the solution by clean water and dry the tile.
  • Baking soda, vinegar and sal-ammoniac. Mix 7 tablespoons of baking soda with 4 tablespoons of table vinegar, 5 tablespoons of sal-ammoniac and 1,5 liters of water. Mix it until the soda fully dissolves. Pour the solution in the spray and spray this on the wet tile. Wait about half of hour. Remove the solution of the tile by warm water and rub by dry duster.
make a rule of drying the tile after every bath or shower to avoid the soapy scale.

What to clean the fungus of the tile in the bathroom with

You’ll be surprised, when you will find out that every room contains the spores of blue stain fungus. The only question is in their development. They need warmth and high humidity. All that is in plenty in bathroom. Fungus spores start to evolve when they get on the humid surface and they form a focuses of small black or green stains.

Fungus is dangerous by the fact that volatile agents, which it produces, get into human organism by respiratory passage and they might cause asthma, dermatosis and allergic reaction.

Apply extensive measures to fully get rid of the fungus in bathroom:

  • eliminate the high humidity in the bathroom. Check the room for places of water accumulation and eliminate the reasons of puddles.It’s perfect if there’s ventilation in your bathroom, if there’s not, then turn on the ventilator and leave the door in the bathroom open.
  • stop drying the clothes in bathroom.
  • remove the fungus.

Choose the method to get rid of fungus: folk remedy or cleaning by special anti-septic.
Anyway, all solutions that withdraw the fungus aren’t safe, so work in gloves and respirator in case of big fungus focuses.

scrape out several stains of black and fallow color by utility knife and soak this spot by swab with the remedy, which you use to treat the bathroom fixtures.

So, domestic remedies and methods, which are appropriate for small focus of fungus.

  • hydrogen peroxide. Pour anti-infective preparation in the spray or carefully soak the sponge in it and spread it on the affected area on the tile and tile gaps. Leave it to dry, rub by hard brush and remove with water.
  • Vinegar. Work with vinegar the same way as in case of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Baking soda. Dissolve baking soda in the water (6 tablespoons per 1 liter of water) and then treat the tile by dint of sponge.
glazed surface of tile shouldn’t be processed by metallic brush or abrasive remedy, because otherwise there will be small scratches.
  • Domestic remedy with chloride content. Soak the tile and gaps by sponge with chloride remedy. Rub there by hard brush and elaborately wash the tile by water.
  • Sal-ammoniac. Mix it with water in ratio of 1:1, spray it and then remove by water. Sal-ammoniac perfectly fights the fungus on the glazed tile, however, it won’t dissolve the fungus on the tile gaps. Work with sal-ammoniac very carefully, door to the bathroom needs to be open, because acrid odor can cause the dizziness.
treat the tile and gaps with hard toothbrush before treating the tile by antimycotic agent.

Folk remedies cannot remove fungus, which is 10 cm. In that case, you will need the aggressive solution-antiseptic. You can find the special remedies to get rid of the fungus in the tool shop:

  • DALI
  • Antifungus
  • SikaGard

Carefully read the instruction on the bottle before using it. When you managed to get rid of fungus, keep the tile clean and then there will be no fungus.