How to clean a leather bag

How to clean a leather bag

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How to clean a leather bag

Every woman’ wardrobe includes a few bags. They can be for special occasion or for daily use. Leather is the best material for such cases.
After a half of year, you will see that the bag grew dim, the attritions appeared and similar troubles. This means that it’s time to think how to clean a leather bag not to harm the product.

How to clean a leather bag at home

There is the preparation stage before every cleaning. You need to remove everything needless. How to clean a leather bag at home? The first step is the backing. If it tumbles over, then you are lucky. Drop everything out. Pour the powder in the water and make it foam. Treat the backing with achieved liquid. Leave it to dry then.
If the backing isn’t tumbled over, then use the cotton pad. Drop a little bit of spirit on it and clean everything inside.

don’t try to brush the internal and external side of the bag in one washing. Moisture harms the product very much.

After you took care of the inside, let’s enter upon the external side. If there are light contaminations (dust, for example), you don’t need to do anything radical. Use the ordinary wet duster.
But, if there are more serious stains, use simple and verified ways to clean a leather bag without harming the product. Solution of water and detergent to sal-ammoniac 4:1 will solve this task. The last stage – you need to treat the bag with the wet duster one more time.

use the special protective remedy before every walk to prevent the small scratches. Cream’s color is transparent or is selected according to the bag.

Old stains are being removed by spirit or lemon juice. Alternatively, you can use the baby talc or starch. Pour it on the contaminations and remove in the half of hour.

How to clean a light leather bag

Material of light tone always requires the gentle care and the same cleaning. Otherwise, we get the ruined thing. To avoid such trouble, you need to know how to clean a light leather bag.
The best method is a tandem of egg albumen (you need to beat them up in order to get a result) and milk. This method is considered the most sparing for light bag, including the lacquer one. The process is simple. You need to wash it by the duster that is soaked in the liquid and then remove everything by the other clean rags.

Leather bag’s care

Cleaning is the half of a deal. If want your favorite thing to serve you longer, then you need the correct care of the leather bag. You can arrange the wet cleaning of external side depending on the weather conditions. Don’t be lazy in hot days and flick the dust by the wet duster every time you come home.

you can avoid the small scratches and other visible damage, if you don’t use the scrubs.

There are special creams to care of leather bags. They not only leave the protecting film, but also moisten the leather. This is done for leather not to roughen and not to lose its appearance. You need to treat the things by such remedies every time you go out.

How to refresh a leather bag

You need to remove every contaminations from the surface before you do anything. Wet wipes or mild soap solution can help with that. If the bag is lacquer, then this procedure will be enough for it, because the use of creams and other remedies is contraindicative for it.
If there is not this fastidious material, but the ordinary leather, then use the glycerin after the cleaning. How to refresh a leather bag, using this remedy? Everything is simple. Drop a little bit of liquid on any clean thing. Then wash the bag’s surface by light moves at a tangent.
The special cream will nail down the effect. However, you shouldn’t use too much of it as well. This won’t harm very much, but you will have to remove it by clean duster and wait for bag to dry out.