How to clean the microwave

How to clean the microwave

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Kitchen of modern mistress is full of various gadgets and devices, which significantly help to ease any task. These are mixer, multicooker and of course, practically everyone has the microwave. Why is it so popular? The thing is that it’s much simpler to put the plate for 1 minute in the microwave that use the stove.
However, long exploitation of the equipment leads to its contamination, and as a result, microwave smells like a lampblack, and there are fat stains all over the walls. Without knowing the simplest «lifehacks», microwave cleaning will turn into the nightmare.
We put the most popular methods, which will help to make the cleaning simple and effective. There must be no problems in cleaning the microwave, if you use them.

How to wash the microwave

There aren’t many ways to wash the microwave, all of them are based on the principle of vapor bath. The difference is in the active material, but the essence is the same. You need to use the remedies that literally dissolve the fat stains and other similar contaminations.

We talk about the simple materials like:

  1. Lemon, lemon juice/acid;
  2. Soda;
  3. Water;
  4. Acetic;
  5. Laundry soap or any other detergent.
preventive measures always help to prevent many problems. So use the special plastic cap to avoid the contamination.

How to clean the microwave with Lemon, lemon juice or acid

This method is considered one of the most effective like the acetic. However, if you decided to wash the microwave inside using this option, then you will get bonus after the end of cleaning – nice smell. In the first case, squeeze out the juice of the lemon and put the fruit in the container with half of liter of water. If you use the acid, then 2 teaspoons are enough. Put the received solution in the microwave and turn it on for 3 minutes with maximum power.
If it turns out not to be enough, then you can repeat the procedure until the stains will be removed by light move.

How to clean the microwave with Soda

If you don’t have a lemon and you decided to try soda to wash the microwave, then the operating procedures are the same. Pour several tbsp. of the chosen product and elaborately mix.

Turn the maximum power on and use the same interval of 3 minutes to check the result of condensate water’s impact on the dirt.

use the duster to clean the internal part of the equipment only if power supply is turned off for purposes of personal security.

How to clean the microwave with Water

This method is being frequently used if the contaminations are small. Do everything the same way as in the previous cases. The difference is in the fact that steam will be water without admixture of lemon juice etc.

You need to soften the dirt to easily remove it. Especially if the coating is enamel because you shouldn’t rub the walls.

salt will help to get rid of any bad smell. Pour it in the cup and put the cup in the microwave for the night. Salt crystals will absorb all the smells.

How to clean the microwave with Acetic

Operating procedures in this method are identic as in case of using lemon. Put a couple of teaspoons of the remedy per 500 ml of water in the microwave.

You will wash the microwave from the inside without any problems, but acetic smell will last for a long time. So it is recommended to work with the open windows.

How to clean the microwave with Laundry soap or any other detergent

This method is less safe for your equipment. Pour the detergent on the sponge or duster, rub the surface with soap, and put it inside. Turn the microwave on for 30 seconds and try to remove the stains.

The risk is in the fact that if sponge or duster will melt, then the cleaning will become extremely difficult. You can even ruin the equipment so use this method only as a last resort.