How to clean the toilet bowl

How to clean the toilet bowl

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Let’s talk about those special bathroom fixtures, washing and cleaning of which make all family members wrinkle their noses. The problem of cleaning the toilet bowl falls on the shoulders of mistress first and foremost.

Because the hall like the theater begins with rack, the kitchen – with the stove and the toilet begins with toilet bowl.

What to clean the toilet bowl with

Before cleaning the toilet bowl and removing not only bad smell, but also various by extent contaminations, let’s figure out the reasons of appearance of lime scale, rust and urolith.

All these things appear on the toilet bowl mostly because of hard water and elevated level of iron in it (thanks to old pipes), so you should consider the water strainers at the water’s entrance into apartment and renew the pipes at least in the house. Check the toilet tank for the leak and rectify the leak or change the tank.

Start the toilet bowl’s cleaning with gloves. All remedies that you can use, might harm your hands, so don’t start working without elementary protection.

  • pour the disinfectant chemicals «Comet», «Domestos», «Utyonok» over the surface of toilet bowl and leave them for remedy to dissolve the scale and stains.
pour two liters of Coca-Cola or Pepsi-Cola on the toilet bowl and wait for a few hours – lime scale will be gone.
  • caustic soda (noncalcified). This alkali perfectly dissolves organics and washes the fats away. So the answer to the question what to clean the toilet bowl of urolith with is exactly this soda. Bail the water out of the bowl, pour the caustic soda in there trying to get the dirty places and leave it for a few hours. Then rub the surface of toilet bowl by toilet brush and then wash it.
  • remedies, which contain acid, are necessary for those who doesn’t know how to clean the toilet bowl of lime scale. You need to work with them really careful. Such acid as «Cillit» contains dissolves the urolith and lime scale literally in a matter of minutes, so don’t leave the acid for a long time, awash it with water to avoid the damage of toilet bowl’s enamel. Or mix the acid with water in ratio of 1:1, then holdup time of this remedy on enamel can be increased to ten minutes.
treat the toilet bowl with vinegar essence instead of shopbought acid.
  • Brilliant disinfection and bleach of enamel will be provided if you use chlorine-containing remedies. Linked with abrasive thing, which every woman has – pumice, chlorine cleans even the oldest lime scale. However, you will have to clean the problematic spots by pumice, which is processed with chlorine, to do that. If you don’t like to get your hands into the toilet bowl, then pay attention to pumice on the stick in the shop of household chemicals.
you can get rid of old yellow scale on the toilet bowl by pouring the table vinegar on it, leave it for the night and then wash it away.

How to clean the toilet tank of rust

Toilet bowl shines and smells like rose de mai. It seems that you’re done. But it’s not it yet. You cleaned the toilet bowl only from outside and what about the inside of toilet tank? Trust me, sometimes the source of bad smell rust on the flush is the rusty tank. We won’t look for the reasons of rust, we will simply find out how to clean the tank of rust.

  • Ask your loved and strong man to take off the lid of tank and promise him for it an amazing dinner, relaxing massage or anything you can imagine. If your man is busy, then do ordinary woman’s business – work by yourself.
  • turn the water off at the main when you took off the lid and flush the water, which is in the tank.
  • if the contamination is small, pour the warm water in the tank and add the detergent. Leave it for half of hour and flush it.
  • brown of rust tank’s walls will be cleaned by other methods.

1. folk ones. Pour the warm water in the tank and add half of package of baking soda or five tablespoons of lemon acid. It’s forbidden for the whole family to use the toilet bowl for three hours.

2. Sparing chemicals. Pour the solution of warm water and grated laundry soap in the tank. Soap can be replaced with soft chemicals like «Zolushka» or «Pemolux». Elaborately clean the rust with toilet brush.

small coated abrasive will help to remove the rust of tank’s walls.

3. Potent chemicals. Use of such remedies as Sanoks, Biocide-S and chloramine should be final because these chemical entities can dissolve the tank’s walls.

periodically put the pills and gels for toilet bowls in the toilet tank, this will help you to avoid rust.
  • Close the top of tank, start the water running and do the chores with a clean conscience.