How to get rid of the cigarette smell in the apartment

How to get rid of the cigarette smell in the apartment

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Columbus didn’t know that smoking will become so popular, when he brought the first tobacco in Europe 500 years ago. Every tenth person is a smoker now. However, such popularity doesn’t gladden at all, because smoking is the reason of many diseases. Not only the smokers suffer from it, but also the people, who breathe the smoke passively.
You shouldn’t also forget that clothes and furniture very well absorb the nicotine smell. Allergic reaction is the less that you can obtain constantly breathing such aromas. So everyone that has a smoker at home needs to know how to get rid of the cigarette smell in the apartment.

Allergic reaction to the cigarette smell

Clothes and furniture absorb the cigarette smell. While being in fuggy room even if the cigarette was stubbed out, you still are the passive smoker. When literally everything smells like smoke and you live in such conditions, it’s called the third-hand smoking. One of its consequences can be the allergic reaction to the cigarette smell.
It can be evident as the endless cough until the irritant is gone. One more symptom can be rash and overflow from the nose.

modern medicine allows to determine what is the allergen for your organism. After the examination, you will be able to find whether the cigarettes are the reason of your discomfort.

There are two effective methods of treatment. First one – take antihistamine and the second one – avoid the contact with the allergen. In other words, give up smoking.

Airing the cigarette smell from the apartment

There are several methods to air the cigarette smell from the apartment. They are affordable for everyone and don’t require many financial expenses or physical efforts.
To begin with, you can try the method «one fire drives out and another fire». One smell can ruin another smell. Buy the coffee beans or cut the skin of an orange. Put the chosen product in the bowl and leave in the room. Repeat the procedure during several days. This method’s alternative can be the container with acetic water or rice.

make the deep cleaning to fix the result. And the aeration for a few hours.

You can also use the essential oils. Well, if you don’t have money for essential oil burner and the ingredients, then you can get rid of the cigarettes smell by easier way. Take the perfume and spray it on the lamp. Turn on the light. When the lamp heats, it will work according to the principle of essential oil burner.
There is another way. Turkish towels will help to air the cigarette smell from the apartment.

How to air the cigarette smell from the clothes

It’s not enough to get rid of smell in the apartment. Clothes absorbed the tobacco smell for sure. Nevertheless, don’t despair, there is a simple way to get out of this trouble. How to air the cigarette smell from the clothes? Sal-ammoniac will come to rescue. You have to make an ammonia solution. Take 100 mg of sal-ammoniac per the basin of warm water and elaborately mix. Soak all clothes with the smell in the received solution for 20-25 minutes. The final step is washing.
One more way is using the talc. Pour it on the product (pay special attention to the sleeves). This remedy absorbs the smells. Shake the clothes in 1 hour and wash it using the wash powder.