How to choose the olive oil

How to choose the olive oil

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Everybody loves to eat tasty food. People also want to eat healthy food, not just tasty one. You should know that when you use olive oil in your ration, you:

  1. Lower the blood cholesterol level;
  2. Improve the stomach’s work, normalize the acid capacity and ease the inflammatory conditions;
  3. Strengthen the blood vessel walls;
  4. Reduce a risk of the origin of cardiovascular diseases;
  5. Remove the accumulated toxins of the liver;
  6. Prevent the calcium loss in the organism and head off the caries and dental calculus;
  7. Head off the oncology diseases.

It’s time to go to the shop, when you have such armory of olive oils’ useful properties in your mind. Want to know how to choose the olive oil?

Quality of olive oil is being determined based on the principles of wine tasting. But as far as there is no opportunity to taste and smell the oil, then we will solve the problem of choosing the olive oil of high quality based on the oil bottles and labels on them.

Direct sunlight damages the fat-soluble properties of olive oil and its unique properties vanish.

olive oil bottle shouldn’t be transparent or plastic. Prefer the oil in dark glass bottle.

How to determine the olive oil by its label

International Olive Council (yes, there is such a thing, it was originated in 1959 and under the aegis of the United Nations) has determined the standards, which the manufacturers point on the labels, that significantly eases the task of choosing good olive oil.

Three main groups of olive oil are marked as:

1. Virgin. Raw

Virgin. Raw (unfiltered) oil, which is extra virgin. Manufacturing technology hasn’t been changed for centuries. Washed and dried olives are pressed, then they are out in the special centrifuge for assertion and filtration.

This oil’s gastronomic properties will be better felt in salads and sauces. Astringent flavor speaks for its freshness. The more bitterness there is the fresher the oil. People, who want to use oil medicinally, should pay attention to this type of oil.

you activate the work of stomach and improve the metabolism by drinking 15 ml of olive oil every day.

Virgin Olive Oil is a type of oil of first pressing, where there are olives of various ripeness levels. Its taste is less expressed and doesn’t contain bitterness. This oil is useful during the heat-treat of meat, because fatty acids, which this oil consists of, are stable and don’t form any harmful carcinogenic substances. Every mistress will duly appreciate the fact that if she fries on this oil, then there will be no cream or spatter. Attention! It can be used several times. If Virgin Olive Oil is too expensive for you, then pay attention to the next group.


Refined oil also doesn’t make cream and spatter during the frying. You will be calm using this oil. Kitchen and stove will be left clean.

3. Pomance.

Olive-pomace oil. All oilcake of olives, which has been left after the production of first two groups, is been processed by natural and chemical solvents and is being exposed to high temperature. Even such difficult process doesn’t change the final properties of olive oil. Boldly buy it for heat-treat of groceries.

if you change the sunflower oil by olive oil of Pomance sort in the recipe of any bake, that will allow farinaceous food to be fluffy and it won’t stale.

Find the acid capacity of the oil on the label near the sort of olive oil. This shows the percentage composition of oleic (fatty) acid. In other words, oil taste depends on the acid capacity – the lower the index, the milder the flavor and it doesn’t bawl. Low acid capacity is inherent to Virgin oil. This oil is introduced into the kids’ ration.

You will have to degust a few sorts to choose useful and your favorite olive oil. You will make the right choice if you know the main principles of classification of olive oil.

Go to the shop and don’t let yourself be confused by big variety of olive oils on the shelves of a shop.