How to choose a pomegranate

How to choose a pomegranate

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We can see shelves full of tropical fruits beside the apples or pears in the supermarket. Some buyers avoid the purchase of such fruits, because they don’t know their benefits. For example, the pomegranate. Why is it considered so useful? How to eat it correctly? How to choose a pomegranate? Let’s figure out together.

What the pomegranate is useful for

We heard already that fruits should be in every person’s ration. But what exactly the pomegranate is useful for?
The thing is, this fruit has the enormous range of matters. There are calcium, magnesium and ferrum in the seed, pulp and rind. There are also amino acids and minerals, which are necessary for our organism.

sometimes you can make a juice of pomegranate instead of eating it. This beverage perfectly refreshes and improves the digestion.

But that’s not it. What is pomegranate useful for except this? It contains vitamins, which are necessary for every person:

  1. «С» – for our immunity;
  2. «Р» – strengthens the vessels;
  3. «В12» – improves the blood circulation, combining with «Р» it is the amazing preventive measure of cardiovascular diseases;
  4. «В6» – strengthens the nervous system.

Pomegranate’s caloric capacity

Pomegranate is a good finding for everybody, who is on a diet or loves to calculate the calories. This product is low-caloric beside the enormous amount of vitamins. You can sometimes make the fasting days due to it. Pomegranate’s caloric capacity per 100 g is only 65-80 kcal.

avoid the use of pomegranate, if you have gastritis or other gastrointestinal tract diseases.

These 100 g contain 1.2 fats, 1.7 proteins and 19 carbohydrates. Everything other is water and other matters in small amounts.

Pomegranate – benefit or harm for men

If you are interested in «pomegranate – benefit or harm for men», then this information will be interesting for you. The thing is, «B» vitamins, which there are plenty of in this fruit, positively influence on the sexual vigor. This is so due to the improvement of blood circulation.
Besides, the useful matters in this tropical fruit stimulate the production of men hormone, which raises the libido. Thus, we make a conclusion that pomegranate definitely wouldn’t harm men.

Pomegranate –benefit for women

This tropical fruit is useful not only for men. «Pomegranate – benefit for women» – it isn’t just a bag of words. It is proved that the matters in grains help to prevent the development of cancer cells, including in mammary glands.
There is also the opinion that this fruit is contraindicative to the pregnant women due to its high acid capacity. This statement is in some measure true. But there is way out – mix the juice concentrate with boiled water 1:1.

How to choose the pomegranate

As we found out about the useful properties of this fruit, let us go to the next stage. How to choose the pomegranate? Everyone wants to buy the mellow fruit. Follow simple rules and you won’t make a mistake.
As always, the appearance will tell everything. To begin with, look at the fruit and carefully touch it. There shouldn’t be any stains or dots. Color has to be deep.

you shouldn’t always orient on the rind’s color. Various mellow fruits has it different, starting with pale-pink and ending with bright red.

Also the fruit needs to have a little dry and resilient rind. Softness speaks for its rot.

How to eat the pomegranate

Every owner of this fruit will wonder how to eat the pomegranate and how to get to the sweet stones fast.
The answer to the first question is simple – you can eat it in raw condition or you can make a juice of it. The only difference is the beverage loses the part of useful properties.

tea of the rind helps with the diarrheal disease. Here’s one of the recipes: a little bit of pomegranate’s rind, teaspoon of honey, ginger and mint per 1 liter of liquid.

To unzip the fruit, you won’t need many efforts. Peel off the top and make cuts along the fibers. Turn the fruit inside out and knock with the spoon for every berries to get in your plate.

Can I eat the pomegranate with the seeds?

One of the main questions speaking of this fruit is can I eat the pomegranate with stones. The answer is yes. You not only can, but also should do it!

There is cellulose in the stones, which has useful properties – clears the organism of the toxins and perfectly relaxes the bowels. Many people doubt can they really eat the pomegranate with the stones. These doubts are due to the fear of appendicitis.
In fact, you risk to go to the hospital because of stones only if you eat a kilo of stones at once.