How to choose the steam cooker

How to choose the steam cooker

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Quick-to-make food and semises are of course very convenient, but it’s nice to cook for the family not only quickly and tasty, but also healthy. Steamed food meets the needs of mistresses concerning the tasty and healthy dishes.

You just need to buy the steam cooker for this. And we will help by advices about choosing the steam cooker.

How to choose good steam cooker

So it’s done, we are buying the steam cooker for our children to be healthy and we will only benefit from the steam food even if we don’t have gastrointestinal diseases and we will accustom our unfortunately elderly parents to the healthy steamed food.
How to choose the steam cooker correctly for menu of the tasty and healthy to be variable?

  • Steam cooker’s power capacity. This characteristic of the kitchen appliances has an impact on the time of the cooking and depends on the number of basins that the steam cooker contains.
steam cooker with one basin will quite quickly work provided 500 kW of power.
  • Steam cooker management. There are two options of managing this device – electromechanical and electronic. First option is represented by bigger number of models and it’s far easier to exploit. Turn the round switch-timer with a subtle motion of the hand to the necessary number of sections and set the timeslot for the steam cooker’s work. You need to figure things out with the electronic steam cooker, because the keypad offers you several modes of the food cooking. Enormous plus of electronic steam cooker is that it contains the mode, which delays the time of beginning of the cooking (it can be done during 12 hours). The food won’t get cold in your absence, because you can use the function which keeps the food warm until you aren’t home. Yes, the time is being set much exacter and the functionality is higher in case of electronic steam cooker, but we learn quickly, so we will adjust to the mechanical option quite fast. All the more so the price of electronic steam cooker is much higher, than of the electromechanical one.
  • Possibility to add water during the cooking. Without getting into details of the device and the principles of steam cooker’s work, we understand that even considering the name of the kitchen appliance, the water is necessary for the device’s functionality, it turns into the steam in the process of heating. Almost all steam cookers except the simplest and cheapest ones have the special funnels for adding the water without interrupting the cooking. It’s possible to add water through the hollow handles of the steam cooker in some models.
in order not to look in the steam cooker to check the water level, buy the device with the external water level telltale and with the sound signal, which will warn you about the lacking amount of the water in the steam cooker. These additional functions will be especially useful, if you use several steam basins in your steam cooker or you cook the steamed meat.
  • Steam basins. The simplest and cheapest steam cooker, as we already mentioned, with one pan. This will be enough for periodical cooking of the steam food. But we support healthy eating and we aren’t going to use the steam cooker only once a month, we will use it constantly. So let’s consider the options with several basins.
if you plan to cook big dishes in the steam cooker (for example, entire fish or chicken), then pay attention to the kitchen appliance with the oval basin.

Shape of the steam basin is being chosen depending on your taste. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is the diameter of basins’ bottoms. They should be identic. Then, cooking a few dishes at the same time, you will be able to transpose the basins when the dish in the lower basin is almost cooked and the dish in the upper basin isn’t yet.

groats and first courses are convenient to cook, using the «rice basin», which the water should be poured in. So it must be as a set.
  • Pan. Number of pans in the kitchen steam appliance can be from one to the corresponding number of steam basins. Pan is needed to collect condensate and juice of the food. In the absence of pan, the groceries in the lower basin will become saturated with the liquid of the food from the upper basin. Maybe someone is okay with that, but I would not let the vegetables have the fish flavor.
you should choose the steam cooker pan with at least two cm of depth, then you won’t need to pour out the liquid, which runs down in the pan during the hour. Presence of the pan’s bails will spare you the burns of the hot condensate and groceries’ juice.

These are the main principles, which you will follow while buying the steam cooker and you don’t need to torture the sellers with questions about choosing the good steam cooker.