Care of aquarium

Care of aquarium

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There is an aquarium in your house now. More likely that your child asked you of this, however, you wanted a pacification in your home in a shape of contemplation of a water kingdom.

Marine life’s beauty is fascinating and of course, you want it to be permanent. Such little thing is necessary for it to happen – care of aquarium

How to take care of aquarium correctly

If the kid was an initiator of aquarium’s appearance in your house, then figure out how to take care of aquarium correctly with him. You can even make a schedule or timetable.

So the aquarium is in the house, aquatic plants are planted, underwater castles and snags are put there, sand, pebble or shells are scattered. Filter is set, highlighting is turned on. Beautiful fishes are there. What’s next?

  • Examine the fish during every feeding. Firstly, it’s convenient when all of them besides the bottom ones gather on the top for another feeding. Secondly, daily examination allows us to timely educe the strangeness in the fish’s behavior and react to its illness.
it’s convenient to examine nocturnal and bottom fish due to the flashlight.
  •  Check the equipment during the feeding of submarine inhabitants or in the moment of turning the lights on or off in the aquarium. What to pay special attention to?
  1. Illumination devices should work. Don’t wait for light stream to become so dull, that even a child can understand that there’s something wrong with the light. Take it as a rule to regularly change the lamps – once a half of year.
  2. Air gets into the aquarium through the aeration unit. It’s enough to check the air pump once a month to clean or change the air filter. You should also clean or change the air nozzle, which gets dirty because of microorganisms that live in the water and you need to clean the air nozzle of the deposit of calcium carbonate if the water is hard. Regularly grease the air pump of piston type and periodically conduct a maintenance support in repair workshop. Air-duct hose, especially where it’s in the water, will sooner or later become hard and will lose its flexibility. Here are two options. First one is to cut the hard part off, second one is to change the hose for the new one.
compressor is good for aquarium of up to 50 liters and the pump, which also filtrates the water, is good in case of bigger volume.

3.Clean the aquarium’s filter depending on type and model of filter. So, filter of mechanical filtration needs to be cleaned every day because material, which is used for the filtration, is able to retain only hard particles. And they will start to dissolve to toxins in due course if you don’t clean the filter.

wash the filter material only in the water from the aquarium, which is preliminary poured in the water. Don’t use the main water to wash the filter because chloride will kill all bacteria.

Clean the filter of chemical filtration only when you see that water’s movement through the filter has slowed down. It means that filter is dirty. Wash the material for this type of filter, clean it of clay or change it. Change it if the material is turf or coal.
Clean the material of biological filtration in rare cases. You can clean or change only small part of a matter (one-third at most). Otherwise, you risk leaving the aquarium toe to toe with inimical bacteria until the number of beneficial microorganisms restores.

if you have biological filtration of aquarium, then try to reduce the fish’s feeding the day before the cleaning and restore the ration within few days.
  • Weekly change the fish’s environment for one-third. There is a natural evaporation if the top is open, so add some water. Get rid of the aquarium inhabitants’ waste products (detritus) from the bottom during the change or watering. Clean the aquarium’s glass from the inside due to the special scraper, which removes the algae, and the wiper.
limit the surplus water evaporation by covering the aquarium with glass.
  • Algae needs the regular weekly attention. Cut off the leaves, which have died away. Cut and thin out the plants, which ran riot and captivated the whole aquarium.
you can plant the quickset of the aquarium plants, which got cut off, on the blank spaces in the aquarium.
  • Don’t let the aquarium overheat in case of hot weather. Block the direct sunlight’s access to it by curtaining the window. Change one-third of water in aquarium for colder one. Or fill the plastic bag with ice-cubes and put it in the aquarium.
    Aquarium, which care isn’t as hard as you think it is, will fill your house with ethereal beauty.