How to get rid of moth

How to get rid of moth

How to get rid of the bedbugs

Grey moth. No one would like to hear that towards. The comparison is unpleasant. Because even if casting unattractive doubtful appearance of this insect, impression and emotions of inconveniences and problems, which this little vermin causes, run high, if the person at least once has seen the moth.

To understand how to get rid of moth in the apartment, you need to know how it got to you. No one is immune to moth’s penetration into apartment. This insect appears in the house like a phantom. Open window or ventilating window, air duct system, even door open crack become the way to new habitation to the insect.

Food moth gets into the house, when its’ still a larvae along with contaminated flour, grits and other bulk stocks. We get headache along with the groceries in the form of question how to get rid of moth in the kitchen.

How often do you hear applause in your honor in the kitchen? I’m sure that never. And the small brown-grey butterfly, which has just appeared in your grits, wallows in applause. Because all it takes for it is only to appear in the kitchen, you start to clap your hands in order to kill it.

Food moth is a disaster for a mistress. Insects, which creep the kitchen unit, walls and ceiling and cocoons among the grits and flour can throw even entomologist off balance.

preserve the grits and the bulk stocks in the glass cans. Even if you brought the contaminated groceries home, the insects won’t be able to come out of hermetically sealed containers.

Larvae, which eats the groceries, turns into a butterfly in a short span of time. High-profile name for a vermin, isn’t it? Everyone of us knows that closed package and plastic bag cannot protect the grits from this insect. This thing can appear in your house in any season, you should act as quickly as possible to get rid of moth.

To begin with, do the big cleaning of the apartment. Carefully look in the tins, boxes, packages and bags with grits and flour for the small nubbins. These are the shelter of moth larvae. Dried up fruit peels, which accidentally fell behind the fridge, can be the habitation of food moth. Elaborately look over the drawers, shelves and closets, because vermin’s larvae hide in cracks and other places, which you rarely inspect. Kitchen unit needs to be treated by special remedy Anti-moth or Raptor.

treat the kitchen unit by the solution of vinegar or use the laundry soap in order to get rid of the food moth.

Air the kitchen. Throw away the bad food with moth or its larvae. Also the duster, which you’ve treated the kitchen surfaces with. If you used the vacuum cleaner, then throw away the dust bag or put it (empty, of course) in the freezer compartment for 3-4 days. The thing is that moth dies when the temperature is lower than 10 degrees or higher than 60 degrees. People in Africa don’t suffer from this problem, because there is no moth. But we aren’t in Africa, so we use our methods.

So we figured out how to fight the food moth, but there are other types of moth that ruin the clothes. We throw the bad food away, no matter how uneconomically it sounds, and every is worse in case of clothes, especially the fur. No one wants to lose favorite or expensive clothing.

Knowledge how to get rid of moth at home will help in this case. Heavy weapon – smells will be effective. Dust smell is like

Chanel for moth and the following smells will be deadly for it:

  1. Essential oils of lavender, fir, eucalyptus, patchouli – it is enough to put natural remedies in the container with water and put it in the closet without covering it;
  2. Specific smells of East spices (whole allspice, cloves) – put the bags with spices all over the apartment;
  3. Plants with the strong smell (sage, cranesbill, tansy, lavender) – put the bouquets of dried up herbs in the wardrobe;
  4. Laundry soap – alkaline smell of soap on the shelves with the clothes will scare the insects away;
  5. Printing ink – shoes with natural fur won’t be the shelter for moth if you put the crumpled newspapers inside.
put the pelargonium on your windowsills, average people say «cranesbill». This houseplant will be a reliable barrier from moth in your house.

Don’t despair when you see the uninvited guest. Use the advices about getting rid of moth.